Home sweet home

IMAG0050.jpgShortly following my stay in San Diego is being back home to free food. I’ve been so broke recently I have been trying to not spend a dime on unnecessary expenses. But for the sake of you guys reading my blogs I try to find something decent about my trips. My balance is in the negatives as bills pile up so I can’t afford to go out anymore. So I really appreciate being home and having some nice home made Korean food. Never gets old.

I’m not sure when I’ll be flying out again but I do need to figure out how to survive come July.

Best of luck to you!


Last minute adventure

IMAG0049.jpgI got lucky today with the remaining time that I had to go to the Gaslamp quarter in San Diego. I was hoping to go during my trip here but I didn’t think I’d be able to because of the small time frame I had, but my coworkers and I just took the shuttle to the Sheraton and took another shuttle (paid $3) to go within walking distance of this nice restaurant.

IMAG0046.jpgFirst thing I got were the Brussels sprouts. Didn’t think Brussel sprouts could be good, but they were pretty damn good. I didn’t finish it of course because here was a lot. My coworkers were surprised too because they had bad memories of Brussel sprouts. If you’re ever in San Diego, get Brussels sprouts.

IMAG0048.jpgNext I got their new poutine burger. It was really good with a half pound Patty, but I wish I had some fresh veggies. I know my pictures suck but I’m just doing these with my hunger on priority.

I couldn’t finish everything since I got really full. I’ll eat it when I get back home.


Great breakfast

IMAG0044stopped by this little gem by my hotel for breakfast. It’s open from 8 to 4 daily. I got a toasted bagel, which had cram cheese, bacon, tomato and onions. It was fricken grrrreat!


Unfortunately leaving today so I didn’t get to explore much in San Diego.

Until we meet again!

Amazing view for free

IMAG0042.jpgI have arrived in San Diego and checked into my hotel. I got a lucky room and got a balcony dead center of the best side of the hotel. Despite my shower head being really shitty on the 5th floor. I really want a higher floor, but we can’t have everything.

I don’t really know people around here so I just hung out with my coworkers for a little bit. Hopefully I’ll be here for the full estimated duration of 3-4 days so I can enjoy my time here.

Mexican food here is amazing. Can’t wait to try more.

A night in Baltimore

I wasn’t here for long but I wanted to take a picture of something to remember my boring visit of Baltimore. One day I’ll be back to explore. I was in a pretty desolate area so nowhere to walk to. The plant was in front of the hotel I stayed at. I actually didn’t pay attention to if it was fake or not. HahaIMAG0040.jpg

Post-Rain sky in Omaha

IMAG0036For my first post I wanted to bring myself back a couple years ago.

I had a fascination in the art that is left behind after rain or storm.

Looking at a sky full of clouds made me feel relaxed, yet recently I haven’t been able to admire them because I’ve been so caught up with work and chores. Life catches up to you but the sky remains beautiful.

So I’m going to try to take as many pictures of the sky as I have the time, and eventually use a better camera for it.

Thanks for reading.