Last minute adventure

IMAG0049.jpgI got lucky today with the remaining time that I had to go to the Gaslamp quarter in San Diego. I was hoping to go during my trip here but I didn’t think I’d be able to because of the small time frame I had, but my coworkers and I just took the shuttle to the Sheraton and took another shuttle (paid $3) to go within walking distance of this nice restaurant.

IMAG0046.jpgFirst thing I got were the Brussels sprouts. Didn’t think Brussel sprouts could be good, but they were pretty damn good. I didn’t finish it of course because here was a lot. My coworkers were surprised too because they had bad memories of Brussel sprouts. If you’re ever in San Diego, get Brussels sprouts.

IMAG0048.jpgNext I got their new poutine burger. It was really good with a half pound Patty, but I wish I had some fresh veggies. I know my pictures suck but I’m just doing these with my hunger on priority.

I couldn’t finish everything since I got really full. I’ll eat it when I get back home.



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