About Me

Hey guys! Thanks for taking a look at my blog! If you haven’t noticed, I’m a complete newbie at this but I figured I should broaden my horizons and try it out. Bare with me as I get used to fixing my page up so it’s easier on you!

I feel like I’m really late into the whole blogging thing but I hope you enjoy what you see here.

I was born in April 1992, so you can do the math there if you want my age 😉

I was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area for my entire life. I did not get to travel at all — the only place I’ve been to was Korea but I didn’t even get to explore much there as I was always with family.

I became a Flight Attendant at the beginning of 2016! I am so happy to have received this opportunity as it will finally take me out into the world rather than be stuck at home~

I am not very talented in any specific field, but I do enjoy playing computer games competitively, if I have the time to put that focus into it. I have spent my entire life playing online games that it comes as second nature to me when I start playing a new one. I haven’t really been getting into any games recently because it honestly gets boring if you don’t have friends you can enjoy it with. That and I’m so busy with work that I don’t even have time to play. T-T

but thank you for reading a little bit about me and I hope I can entertain you from here on out!