Restaurant pet peeves


Working in a restaurant is one of the most under appreciated jobs out there. 90% of the time we are paid minimum wage and our income is entirely based off of how people feel like when they come in and leave after eating. Ranging widely from 5% to 20% tips. And even then, average out to possibly $15-$25 an hour per night, still dependant on how people feel. You can work your ass off and still average 15.

The most annoying thing that people say who have never worked in a restaurant before or even use their brain to put it into perspective is “fight for a higher wage.” No, unfortunately that’s not how it works. Servers have the highest turnover rate in the work industry and are “easily replaceable” which makes your argument invalid. Because we won’t even have the job anymore if we try to dip. Also what people don’t understand is that if we raise hourly wages in a restaurant, your food will be almost double the price. No, your food does not enitrely pay for the servers time, it pays for the kitchen’s time, but if you want it to pay for the servers time also, expect it to rise and you’ll be paying $20 for a specialty burger instead of the average 10. Well, if you’re okay with that then maybe there should be a move to make your pasta 18 instead of 12. You’re still paying the same amount at the end of the day right?

There’s also the people who like to ask a ton of questions and don’t bother looking at the menu. Like, figure out what you want yourself or give us two or three choice to recommend. Not then whole menu. We don’t know what you like, so we aren’t going to detriment our income by recommending you the wrong thing. Because one day you’ll be hit with a bill you wish you didn’t have because you let the server choose for you. Figure out what you like yourself, we’re not your parents.



Bay Area Izakaya

IMAG0057This is a free bottle of sake you get when you check in on facebook with 4 or more people. you also have the choice of getting beer instead if you’re not much of a sake person. Though if you do like sake, this one is really smooth. It’s like drinking water.

Mokutanya is open everyday of the year from 11am-2am in Burlingame right off of Broadway and California next to a gas station. It’s a perfect place to kick back with your coworkers and drink and have a couple snacks after a hard day of work. It has a nice dim environment with seating that goes into the ground. so if you don’t know where to go at 12am and you’re high as ****, go to Taco Bell.

If you enjoy having extra company, the waitresses, you wish were in scantily clad clothing but are just wearing all black with a little bit of cleavage, don’t mind small talk and cracking jokes with their customers. If you like eye candy you can go for eye candy, but their food is pretty decent as well.


Sometimes their food isn’t as consistent because they probably switch chefs out, but one thing that is promising is the $1 oysters on Mondays and Tuesdays after 7pm.(somewhere around that time). But don’t eat too many or you’ll obviously get sick and you won’t be happy the next morning. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s have exotic meat like swan, peacock, alligator and all other stuff. If you like ramen they also have different kinds of ramen. Pretty pricey but that’s the name of the game.

Alcohol is very pricey here compared to your more common Japanese restaurants. These will be about 2-3 times the price of a sushi joint near by. But if you enjoy the atmosphere and are most willing to get drunk as most people do, Sunday’s are 50% off their largest bottles (1.5 liters and up).


Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!

Cheers! And drive safely!

Home sweet home

IMAG0050.jpgShortly following my stay in San Diego is being back home to free food. I’ve been so broke recently I have been trying to not spend a dime on unnecessary expenses. But for the sake of you guys reading my blogs I try to find something decent about my trips. My balance is in the negatives as bills pile up so I can’t afford to go out anymore. So I really appreciate being home and having some nice home made Korean food. Never gets old.

I’m not sure when I’ll be flying out again but I do need to figure out how to survive come July.

Best of luck to you!

Last minute adventure

IMAG0049.jpgI got lucky today with the remaining time that I had to go to the Gaslamp quarter in San Diego. I was hoping to go during my trip here but I didn’t think I’d be able to because of the small time frame I had, but my coworkers and I just took the shuttle to the Sheraton and took another shuttle (paid $3) to go within walking distance of this nice restaurant.

IMAG0046.jpgFirst thing I got were the Brussels sprouts. Didn’t think Brussel sprouts could be good, but they were pretty damn good. I didn’t finish it of course because here was a lot. My coworkers were surprised too because they had bad memories of Brussel sprouts. If you’re ever in San Diego, get Brussels sprouts.

IMAG0048.jpgNext I got their new poutine burger. It was really good with a half pound Patty, but I wish I had some fresh veggies. I know my pictures suck but I’m just doing these with my hunger on priority.

I couldn’t finish everything since I got really full. I’ll eat it when I get back home.


Great breakfast

IMAG0044stopped by this little gem by my hotel for breakfast. It’s open from 8 to 4 daily. I got a toasted bagel, which had cram cheese, bacon, tomato and onions. It was fricken grrrreat!


Unfortunately leaving today so I didn’t get to explore much in San Diego.

Until we meet again!