He thinks he’s funny


I joined the Pokemon Go bandwagon because I played Pokemon before. I didn’t play past Ruby because my interests went elsewhere. There are so many people playing this game that I believe it is one of the most played online games now. Maybe more than WoW or DoTA 2. Screw league. I hate league lol. I’m pretty addicted to this game. Which I don’t believe is a good thing. But I know I’m going to be playing this when I go down to LA next week.

Pidgey being one of the most common Pokemon. I collect them all because of that lucky egg + evolution spam idea you can do for tons of exp. I just wish you can skip the cut scenes cuz they are long as hell. 

I also realized that the experience required to level up gets ridiculously high, so everyone will be catching up at a steady pace to be at the same footing as majority of the 24/7 players. So no real rush to try to be the best because people are going to be on the same footing fairly quick.

Be careful when catching Pokemon. I almost walked into someone last night. It was dark tho.

Don’t do drugs, play Pokemon.


Pokemon Go all day

Today was pretty eventful playing Pokemon Go and getting some milk tea. Got a good amount and I’m satisfied but I know there are way better people out there playing tons lol.

I went to the park because there were a ton of pokestops around there. Ran into a bunch of pairs of people that were playing. It was pretty funny when we all ran towards the same spot to catch one Pokemon. Saw some kids half my height too, but no shame. Pokemon is life!

Good luck to you if you are playing


Not a lot of Pokemon to start but I’ll be flying around soon and will update you on my findings!


Here’s a little bit of my milk tea! Has brown sugar instead if regular sugar. Delicious! Great way to end the day~