Losing a purpose in life

IMAG0040As of late, I’ve been going through a minor case of depression. Everyday feels empty. I have nothing to do. I don’t know what to do. Barely any friends to hang out with. Just recently, my girlfriend and I had broken up from our dying relationship. She had tried hard to get me to open up to her and I was oblivious to her emotional needs. I had sacrificed a lot for her. a lot of my time. And without her there’s a void in my everyday life. There was a lot of ups and downs but I always wanted to stay positive so I ignored and ran away from all negative situations and pretend they didn’t exist. Until it really hit me that I am losing someone so important to my life that I feel like my life has lost its purpose. It really wasn’t the best relationship someone could have, but I overlooked that issue and tried to move on from it than brood over something not worth the time. We both had problems we couldn’t help each other fix. I became slothful and couldn’t get rid of my pride. I believe she was becoming ¬†greedy and envious because she kept looking for what she couldn’t get from me. I couldn’t communicate well and I allowed myself to love her unconditionally, but she couldn’t do the same. We had no connection, nothing to really talk about, I’m always so caught up in trying to make my future better and brighter that I can’t hold down the present.

Sounds like a typical relationship problem. But the fact that we couldn’t get to the next stepping stone together means it wasn’t meant to be.


I really enjoy nature pictures like this. As much as I have trouble having the patience in person to look at the sky in its true beauty, I still admire the beauty in its photograph. I was just using a phone and it came out very nicely. I was going on a wall with a friend and didn’t even realize how the sky looked until he started taking a picture. It’s been really calm the past couple days without clouds so this was a very rare sight.

I always need to tell myself to stay positive and look forward to the possibilities of the future. I have trouble finding balance between two emotions or feelings and that’s one of my major flaws that hold me back. I’m not a perfect person. So I have to tell myself to try to be positive. Be that smiling face that can make others happy when they are down. And when something negative tries to bring you down, push it away and leave it behind. Don’t let it hold you back.

Best of luck to you


Where there’s a drought, there is fire


Unfortunately there was a massive fire within walking distance of where I am. It was a recycling center nearby that somehow caught fire, assuming someone effed up and couldn’t put it out. I haven’t heard of anyone being injured so that’s good, but the fire lasted a long time and a lot of water was used. California is in a drought and we keep having fires like we have the water to douse them. Sad California.

We’re all under the same sky, no matter where we are in the world


I had the choice to fly out tonight and then go to Cancun tomorrow, but in exchange I would have to give up one of my guaranteed days off. I turned down the chance because it was just a quick turn and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything there. Low on money anyways, so I stuck with working at a restaurant for some quick money. Pretty slow today for lunch.

There isn’t much going on so I decided to try and snapshot some clouds, but there isn’t any. Today is a beautiful day and I’m stuck working. Clear blue sky with the sun beating down on me during my break. Good way to relax before the dinner shift. Wish I could enjoy it more.

Welcome to the life of poverty.

Post-Rain sky in Omaha

IMAG0036For my first post I wanted to bring myself back a couple years ago.

I had a fascination in the art that is left behind after rain or storm.

Looking at a sky full of clouds made me feel relaxed, yet recently I haven’t been able to admire them because I’ve been so caught up with work and chores. Life catches up to you but the sky remains beautiful.

So I’m going to try to take as many pictures of the sky as I have the time, and eventually use a better camera for it.

Thanks for reading.