Relaxing day off with a thriller to spice up the day


If you watch Japanese animations, familiar with zombie apocalypse, and admire steam punk, this one is for you.
Koutestujou no Kabaneri is one of my favorite anime this season that just finished its last episode today. I was immensely focused on this episode as its packed with the action you need and the best of music playing in the background, intensifying the scenes even more.

I don’t want to spoil anything so you’ll need to watch it yourself. But has one of the best main characters by far from majority of animations. Totally down to earth but still protected by plot armor. Not the most attractive but still attractive because of his personality.

The way this ends is gruesomely satisfying. As it goes from Human vs. Zombie to Human vs. Human. Which is a good example of the real world in my opinion. In which the world is focusing and fighting against the wrong reason due to fear and not tackling the real problem. Surprisingly, no romance either.

Anyways I digress. Watch this and you won’t be disappointed. I use . I recommend this website because they provide some smooth streaming and high definition quality. I also recommend watching this with your sound blasting high on a big screen to get the most of it.

There’s some bitter folks out there that may not like this anime of course, but they don’t matter. heh

Happy watching!